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Casa Cortes

Casa Cortes Mexican Grille

September 19, 2021|Restaurant review

Casa Cortes is located at 500 8th st in Dacono, Colorado right off the highway 52. Go north from Denver to Highway 52 and turn right (east) and it's a couple miles on the right! This restaurant was just opened on Sept 16 by husband and wife team Ruben and Edith. I'll have to say what a treat! It's worth the trip! Everything I had was bursting with flavor, texture and eye popping appeal! As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a warm smile and greeting by the hostess and quickly seated. Chips and Salsa were quickly served and it was off to the culinary races. The staff and our waiter Marco were on top of their game! Energetic, pleasant, courteous but not over the top. We started with Hongos al ajillo- a mouth watering sautéed mushroom garlic and butter sauces. Oh my....i couldn't get enough. A must try! My main course was the Fajitas Ixtapa. Fajitas with shrimp, steak and chicken with chunks of fresh pineapple marinated in their secret sauce. It was served in a carved out pineapple shell that really set the presentation apart. Dessert was Flan and whip cream. Traditional Mexican Decor, Texture, Taste and beautiful dishes. I loved the professionalism displayed that you normally don't see in small mom and pop restaurant startups. Uniform dress and monogrammed shirts and name tags with each name and logo of Casa Cortes. The bathrooms were spotless, well stocked and clean. Casa Cortes was simply great. The city and people of Dacono will soon discover this new Diamond. Follow us on Instagram @coloradofoodmagazine and @LaDopamina1 for new restaurant opening reviews across Colorado in all culinary genre's. The pictures of the other dishes were from my fellow culinary enthusiasts and the loved them all! I'll let them write their own review!

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